Cocktails + Drinks

We are OPEN for takeout and delivery WED – SUN from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

House Cocktails

The Happy Jack 10.00

Mount Gay, apricot liqueur, pineapple & orange juices with a Myer’s dark rum float

The Bluejito 11.00

Nantucket-distilled Triple 8 Blueberry vodka, muddled mint, simple syrup & soda water

Ginger Rush 11.00

Buffalo Trace bourbon, Ginger of the Indies liqueur, orange bitters and a splash of soda

The Margarita 11.00

Milagro silver, fresh lime juice, agave nectar & a float of Bauchaunt orange liqueur

Sunrise Spritzer 10.00

Stoli Orange, triple sec & Wycliff champagne on the rocks with a splash of cranberry

Mule with a View 10.00

Vermont-distilled gluten-free Green Mountain organic cranberry vodka & ginger beer

Pomegranite Paloma 11.00

Mi Campo silver & Sogno di Sorrento Limoncello with Jarrito’s grapefruit soda & a splash of POM Wonderful

Marshside Bloody 11.00

Pearl Cucumber & house-made Bloody Mary mix served with celery, olive & lime (+ bacon, shrimp & pepperoncini for $4)


Cape Cod 12.00

Nantucket’s Triple 8 vodka, champagne, triple sec & a splash of cranberry juice

Lemon Drop 12.00

Pearl Citrus vodka & Sogno di Sorrento Limoncello with a sugared rim

Sesuit Sunset 12.00

Deep Eddy Ruby Red, St. Germaine liqueur & a splash of grapefruit juice

Beach Berry 12.00

Pearl Pomegranate & triple sec with a splash of POM Wonderful

Elderflower 12.00

Gunpowder Irish Gin & St. Germaine elderflower liqueur with muddled cucumber

Marsh Manhattan 12.00

Makers Mark bourbon with Carpano Antica sweet vermouth, finished with Luxardo cherries

The Fitzy 12.00

Grey Goose La Poire, St. Germaine liqueur & a splash of champagne

Bridge St. Blues 12.00

Tito’s vodka with a splash of olive juice, served straight up with blue cheese stuffed olives

Tequila Cosmo 12.00

Mi Campo silver, Cointreau, fresh lime & a splash of cranberry juice

Espresso 12.00

Van Gogh espresso vodka, Carolan’s Irish cream, freshly brewed espresso & coffee beans

On Tap

Blue Moon Belgian White (CO) 7.00

Wormtown “Be Hoppy” IPA (MA) 7.00

Cape Cod Red Ale (MA) 7.00

Devil’s Purse Handline Kolsch (MA) 7.00

Hog Island Outermost IPA (MA) 7.00

Two Roads Cruise Control Helles Lager (CT) 7.00

Sam Adams Seasonal (MA) 7.00

Guinness (IRL) 7.00

Craft Selections (Bottles & Cans)

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA (DE) – 12 oz. 7.00

Hoppy with moderate bitterness and a crisp finish

Shed Mountain Brown Ale (VT) – 12 oz. 8.00

Unfiltered English Strong ale with caramel & toffee

Castle Island Hi-Def Double IPA (MA) – 16oz. 9.00

Smooth flavors of melon, papaya & tangerine

GG “Pulp” NE-Style Double IPA (MA) – 16oz. 9.00

A juicy IPA with citrus aroma & minimal bitterness

Cape Cod Bohemian Pilsner (MA) – 16 oz. 6.00

Crisp, clean single-hop, locally brewed on Cape Cod

Bottles & Cans

Budweiser 5.00

Bud Light 5.00

Michelob Ultra 5.00

Coors Light 5.00

Corona 5.00

Heineken 5.00

Stella Artois 6.00

Switchback (VT) 6.00

Devil’s Purse ESB (MA) – 16 oz. 6.00

Samuel Adams Lager (MA) 5.00

Artifact “Wild Thing” Cider (MA) – 16 oz. 7.00

White Claw Black Cherry Seltzer 6.00

O’Douls NA 5.00

White Wines

Chardonnay 8.00

Canyon Road, CA

Chardonnay 9.00 / 33.00

J Lohr, CA

Chardonnay (unoaked) 10.00 / 37.00

A to Z Wineworks, OR

Chardonnay 10.00 / 37.00

Kendall Jackson, CA

Chardonnay 14.00 / 53.00

Sonoma Cutrer, CA

Pinot Grigio 8.00

Copper Ridge, CA

Pinot Grigio 9.00 / 33.00

Ecco Domani, Italy

Pinot Gris 42.00 bottle

Cedar + Salmon, OR

Sauvignon Blanc 9.00 / 33.00

Starborough, New Zealand

Sancerre 58.00 bottle

Aurore Dezat, France

Moscato 9.00 / 33.00

La Perlina, Italy

Riesling 9.00 / 30.00

Bluefish, Germany

Rose 10.00 / 37.00

Sunseeker, CA

White Zinfandel 8.00

Canyon Road, CA

Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon 8.00

Canyon Road, CA

Cabernet Sauvignon 11.00 / 41.00

Louis Martini, CA

Cabernet Sauvignon 14.00 / 50.00

Joseph Carr, CA

Merlot 8.00

Canyon Road, CA

Merlot 10.00 / 37.00

Hahn, CA

Pinot Noir 10.00 / 37.00

Castle Rock, CA

Pinot Noir 14.00 / 52.00

La Crema, CA

Pinot Noir 64.00 bottle

Amity Vineyards, OR

Malbec 9.00 / 33.00

Alamos, Argentina

Zinfandel Lodi 10.00 / 37.00

Cline, CA

Red Blend 9.00 / 33.00

Apothic, CA


Vueve de Vernay  8.00 / 175 ml

Loire Valley, France

Ruffi no Rose 11.00 / 175 ml

Tuscany, Italy

Villa Sandi Prosecco 18.00 / 375 ml

Treviso, Italy

Diver Brut 45.00 / 750 ml

Carmel, California

Charles Collin Brut 78.00 / 750 ml

Champagne, France

“This is one of my most favorite places to eat with family and friends. The staff is very attentive and friendly.The menu offers a wonderful assortment of Appetizers, entrees, salads, soups, and desserts. They sell bakery items at the front desk to take home with you.” ~ Camie F.

The Marshside

28 Bridge Street
East Dennis, MA 02641



Open Year Round

Located in East Dennis, MA overlooking scenic Sesuit creek, The Marshside offers a casual dining experience for the whole family. Our menus include only the freshest seafood, meats, salads and breads baked on-site.

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